About Us

I was introduced to the world of fusible applique in 2005 while enjoying a full time career as an equine and wildlife painter specializing in acrylic and pastels.

Dabbling in textiles proved to be a thrilling experience that merged easily and effortlessly with painting. It is a wonderfully forgiving medium with a seemingly endless array for a palette and the beautiful fluid movement of perfectly blended paint. Most importantly, this medium seems to comes hand in hand with the nicest group of people I have ever had the pleasure to meet, quilters! Good friends, good fun, what more could you ask for (good food, of course).

I have come to learn that my greatest joy comes from being able to share the process of creating with others.

My hope is that you will view my patterns as your outline, a starting point for your creative genius to take over, expand, enhance, embellish or change and make it your very own personal and unique piece of art. My ultimate goal is to work with as many quilters as I can, teaching the fun and freeing techniques that make this forgiving medium so wonderful, and most of all, sharing the journey with you!

Meet Frank, my hubby who runs it all behind the scenes. He is meticulous about providing you with a top quality product, drives 14 miles to the post office Monday through Saturday to ensure that your package arrives quickly, provides excellent customer service and even adds a special treat or two to every order!

Give him a shout out on your next order… he would love to hear from you!