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A Helpful Guide to Getting Started

Welcome to the fantastically fun world of fusible art. We sincerely want your experience to be a fun, easy and rewarding process that results in a beautiful and unique piece of art! It is as easy as painting by number only in this case, the fabric is your paint. So letís go over the basics and get you well on your way to creating your own personal masterpiece!

Inside the pattern you will find an Instruction Sheet, Pattern Piece Pages and a Piecing Guide. The Piecing Guide is used to build the entire project on. We highly recommend obtaining a Teflon pressing sheet to use along with the piecing guide by taping it on top and using it as your building surface. Teflon sheets are translucent enabling you to see the guide beneath and iron directly on to the surface. (instructions for building included)

On each pattern piece you will find a letter followed by a number, below this you will see the (#) symbol followed by another number (more information below). The letter, you will find in the instructions under PATTERN KEY. This will tell you where to place the pattern piece, for example;

PATTERN KEY: S=Sky G=Grass M=Mountains

Corresponding letters will also be on the Piecing Guide, which indicates where to place each individual pattern piece. The number directly following the letter indicates in which order to place the piece. For example, in the instructions under Building, it may read as follows;

BUILDING: Step 1. Place sky pieces S1 through S8

This tells you in which order to place the pieces after they have been fused onto fabric, cut out, and the fusible paper removed. For example, place S1 first, S2 second, S3 third and so on until all pieces in that group have been placed.

The number below the top letter and number indicates the fabric color which the piece is to be fused to. For example, if there is a number 13 below pattern piece S1, you know to fuse that piece to fabric #13. Information on the fabric will be found under PATTERN KEY.
To sum it up, all letters indicate where to place each piece, the number directly following indicates the order in which it is to be placed and all numbers below refer to the fabric color the piece is to be fused on to.

A Very Helpful Tool!

For all of our patterns we highly recommend obtaining a sheet of clear vinyl and trace the Piecing Guide onto it with a dark colored permanent marker (another option is to have a transparency made). Do not worry about being exact, this sheet will be used as a visual guide only. When you have difficulty seeing where to place a piece simply line up the traced vinyl sheet on top of the project and you will immediately be able to see where the piece goes. Using the vinyl tracing as a guide, carefully lift the sheet and tuck the piece under where it belongs. Just make sure to remove the vinyl when it is not being used as a guide to avoid accidentally placing an iron on it.

When tracing pattern pieces onto the fusible web, write the letters and numbers on each piece using a permanent marker or pencil dark enough to see. Cut out each piece as you go and place them in stacks according to the fabric color number, this keeps them in order for fusing. Once fused, cut out each piece and place in stacks according to the piece placement letter, this keeps them in order to follow building instructions easily. Keep a zipper sandwich baggie on hand to put the smallest pieces in to avoid loss.